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April 07, 2009


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I was wondering about the bruise...but what the heck is a lifestyle guru?


Manuel, re lifestyle guru - beats me, but that's how his publicist described him. I guess if you write a few books on entertaining and decor you become one :)

Re the bruise - the make up artist did a good job of covering it up but by 2am the camouflage had faded! Just a mishap at the gym the week before - walked straight into the handlebar of the treadmill!


I wish you would write everyday, Bambina. As it is, I only get enough to whet my appetite...

You look beautiful, bien sur!


Wow, Debby, thanks so much, you are so sweet!!! I guess you can tell I'm the laziest blogger...


I remember Victoria II! My mom used to go there a lot. too bad they closed shop. Maybe I should look through her "baul" and look for those pieces ....

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