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February 26, 2009


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hey you look great!!!


hmmm... thanks, a!

Toto Gonzalez

But you DO have a glamorous life, Bambina!!!

It's the spirit that creates the reality for all of us, and what a spirit you have!!!



Truth is gold - perhaps - but glamour
involves true talent. Like being able to sing in tune. Not everything that shines is gold, but someone who sings in tune is definately a singer. You sing alright, it just took you too long to realize just how well. Take it from an old goat like me.


Toto, that is quite a compliment, coming from the Philippines' very own Wharton-de Beistegui-Lampedusa hybrid! Thanks, darling!


My dear old goat, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I don't think I'll be giving Jessye Norman a run for her money anytime soon though! Do you remember those dinners in HK? Those were the days...


Great feature on you still! And sigh, I do miss Pinoy food all the time. Sugpo sa gata and bulalo sounds scrumptious!


thanks, tin! are you having pinoy food pregnancy cravings???


and you look as good as you write


Oh my gosh, yes Bambina! For manggang hilaw especially during the first trimester. I just had my fix of pinakbet and lechon kawali the other day, and my friend and I had to go all the way to Queens for that! But that was yummy! Hits the spot!


Bambina! Great story! I now have to go off my no-salt diet to get that bagoong on the green mangoes and patis on my pancit!! Baaaad :D


Manuel, thanks. Photoshop does wonders for one's looks!

Tin, eat away! After you've had the baby I'll tell you how to get rid of all that excess weight quickly and safely!

Mrs T, thanks. When are you going to try dieting my way?


Wonderful! I am looking forward to your tips! Yay! Thanks! =)

Kerry Higgins Ross

Wonderful to read Bambina. Your descriptions of Filipino food made my mouth water.

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