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August 26, 2008


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What a beautifully written post, Bambina. I love it!


Thanks so much, Mrs T though I know you have sons not daughters, so you'll be spared some awkward moments!

M. Aldana-Heinermann

Belated Happy Birthday gorgeous. It sounds like you had a great one. Must have been difficult without the girls but I'm sure they're happy because you are.


Thanks Michelle! It was difficult for them too! See you soon!


Yes I agree mothers must be seen as guides rather than friends during teenage years. However daughters must be able to confide in them as if they are friends! Sometimes waiting to lose your virginity to eprfect man doesn't work! My case too. I think you have it right...tell your daughter she will know when the time is right. See you back in Joburg. Love Diana


Diana my sentiments exactly! Motherhood I guess is the ultimate balancing act. You're absolutely right about daughters feeling able to confide in their mothers as they would friends but it's very important to make sure that the boundaries are respected. See you soon!


Mothers will always be "mothers" as we will be to our kids, and we will always want to protect them and know EVERYTHING!! That's just how our DNA works.. the relationship though strangely changes when one has ones own kids..all of a sudden we see them not just as our "mum" but as a friend with so many more shared experiences, a wonderful transition. I am fortunate to have a great mother/daughter relationship as well as a friend/friend relationship..with ALL the ups and downs that both entail!
Such a wonderful piece you wrote...a gift!


i am not your mother...gimme the dirt !!

Lucinda Bruce

Thanks Bambina for that lovely article - echoed my thoughts entirely about how the balance between mother/daughter at what is a transitional time - not always plain sailing...


ahh, just found out about the daily tribune connection. perhaps the int. designer is a relation.. still can't find you in FB. do send an invite. @plus!

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