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July 14, 2008


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Question: has WWD ever written about that Brazilian dept. store called Daslu?


Paul, Daslu has been written up lots of times. Are you looking for anything in particular about Daslu in their archives? Let me know.


Thanks for the offer Bambina!

I first learned about Daslu from a book entitled Deluxe by Dana Thomas, and was intrigued about its women-only floors where customers could try on clothes on the spot, a shopping concept I haven't seen any other dept. store copy.

If anything, I'm just curious about what makes Daslu tick.

Robert M.

Read your article with interest about Metropolitan Cosmetics (June 26, 2008 WWDFast article) in Johannesburg and would like to make contact with them. Do you have contact information for Metropolitan that you can email me? Thanks and thoroughly enjoy your writings.


Thanks for visiting the blog, Robert! I'm glad you enjoyed the articles. I've forwarded your details to Metropolitain. Their website by the way is www.metrocosmetics.co.za.


Woohoo! It is a joy to see your work on print all at the same time!


Congratulations Bambina!! :) That is such a treat indeed!!

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