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June 14, 2008


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You are blessed with a wonderful father. I hope he pulls through and you are all reunited before next Father's day.


Thanks, Manuel, I am blessed. My dad is also an Atenean to the core. His classmates are all rallying around him.

Nina Barakat

Hi Bambina,
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. He sounds so wonderful. I had not seen my mother in seven years and she was so excited to come to Amman and stay with me for a long vacation. Nine days after she arrived she died suddenly of a blood clot right here in Amman. She was 72 and although my brothers told her not to come until one of them could accompany her, she made the trip anyway. I feel so bad that i did not spend more time with her. So spend time with your dear dad and show him how much you love him. I hope he gets better. I will keep him in my prayers. Love, nina


Dearest Cousin,

I'm so sorry, I had no idea about Tito Eddie! I so very much wish I could visit all my family again in the Philippines soon!

Love to you and your entire family,


Dearest Bambina,
I shared your essay with Winnie and the kids. We were all touched. I do understand the burden of dementia. As you know my mom (Tita Elvie) has been afflicted by this disease for atleast the last five years. It is not devastating only to the patient but as well to the people around them. Either side can be afflicted with profound depression as well. I know these are trying times especially with Tito Eddie's recent lymphoma diagnosis. Rest assured he is in our prayers for a speedy recovery.Please send our love to him, to Tita Ninez and the rest of the family. I hope you and kids have found your place at HOME. May you find there the peace and happiness you seek. You deserve it.
We love you all.
Edwin, Winnie, Audrey, Daniel and Sabrina


hey bambina. super touched with your essay. praying for you, your father, and your family.

Linda S. Bartolome

Dearest Bambina,

Butz got a copy of your mail and essay. Yes, we were saddened to hear about Tito Ed particularly his latest diagnosis. After Tita Bel called us about it, we sent an e mail petition to Our Lady of Lourdes and have done it regularly for Tito Ed.

Thanks for sharing with us that touching essay on Tito Ed. Yes, this is reality we all have to accept as our parents get to their senior years. Mama Elvie and Tito August were with us for about 3 months and truly it was challenging. I guess that at this point, children are called upon by the Lord to take the "extra hundred miles" to show more understanding and love for our parents. When the same question is asked 10 times or more and we are just ready to sigh in exasperation - we challenge ourselves to change gear and just say " Mother" with a smile and a touch. That has been very helpful when Mama Elvie was here with us. Their levels of frustration increases when they see that people around them get exasperated. Bottom line, Bambina and for all the cousins reading this... this maybe be the opportunity for all of us to repay them for all the love and sacrifices they all have given us. They need us at their most difficult moments....


I'm so touched by the overwhelming response to this post from family, friends and even readers I've never met. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement. We can only hope for the best.


There are medications which will slow the onset of Alzheimer's Type dementia. One that comes to mind is Aricept, and there are probably improved ones on is a painful journey for you as it seems that you are losing your Dad little by little; the personality gets affected as well.
Reinforcing his memory helps, so that people around should keep talking about events, people in the past, and playing familiar music, and looking at old photos helps.
Each day he can be told what the date is, and the current events in the news.
It is so sad.
I feel for you.


I hope you dont mind but I will put in my 2 cnts worth: there are some rare conditions that can lead to dementia or mimic it, which need to be ruled out, such a vitamin deficiency (particularly vitamin B), thyroid disorder (particularly hypothyroidism), and depression, which often mimics dementia.
Broadly speaking there are 2 types of dementia: Alzheimers type, which is caused by tangles and plaques in the brain and multi-infarct dementia which is caused by hypertension, resulting in the rupture of tiny blood vessels , leading to cell death. Much dementia is a combination of the 2,to complicate things a bit. If his hypertension is well controlled, then further damage will cease from that process.
The history of the progression of his dementia taken from family is an imprtant clue - has the deterioraton been stepwise, or in sudden declines? What has been the rate of deterioration?. It is also important to check out his medications, as the elderly are susceptible to side effects which will mimic dementia. I could go on and on, but he would benefit from an assessment by a psychiatrist who specializes in the elderly - a specialty which exists in many western countries, and may exist in the Philippines.
I hope I am not causing you undue concern, but it would be appalling if something was overlooked.
It hss been established that people caring for a loved one with dementia are themselves prone to illness, particularly depression, so your family has to look out for each other.
I wish you all the best in this journey.

Joel and PJ

your family is in our prayers. keep the faith always.

bogie gallardo

hi bambina,
it's been years since we last (late 80s)saw each other in hongkong after our avia days. you wrote a piece that highlights how important family is as a person faces the golden years. my family walked through the same path five years ago with my mom exhibiting the same symptoms and some members of the family expressing the same reactions as yours. i hope more families will get to read your piece. it provides the emotional side of the golden journey and will be a big help in complementing the science side of it...hang in there friend. your writings showcase your strength...ciao!

Anne Reeves

That was a very moving entry. I have tears in my eyes.

Debby Torres

Dear Bambina,

I found your blog recently and have been "catching up". It's been a lifetime since I was Debby Norman, US Diplomat's wife, in Mauritius. We divorced in 2004 and I've remarried...a plain old American housewife and Mommy.

I think fondly of you and I am saddened hear about the struggles you've been through. But I take heart that you are a strong, dignified woman who will prevail.

This post was very touching. I lost my Daddy when I was just 13, but I am beginning to see memory loss in my father-in-law. As always, you so eloquently expressed what is on the minds and hearts of so many.

I hope you'll be in touch.



Jessica Gaseni

Hola Bambina,

Al leer tu artículo se me ha hecho un nudo en la garganta y mis ojos se han rasado en lágrimas. Recuerdo a Eddie tan cariñoso, tan lleno de vida... que me parece increible...
Espero veros a todos juntos pronto.

Un beso muy grande.

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