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May 31, 2008


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Hahahaha! What a way to dissect the movie! :) I'm pathetic, my eyes welled up with tears in some scenes-- like when Big stepped out of the car to say "Im sorry" and Carrie came charging forward, in VW gown with matching bird in hair, and smacks him with her beautiful bouquet. Carrie then came collapsing in Charlotte's arms, Charlotte hugs Carrie, and then gave Big a major tongue lashing (with matching "I- could- kill- you- now" look). Boy, I really teared up. The love of a girl friend for her girl friend remains unparalleled :) Boyfriends come and go, but girl friends are forever :) *or something to that effect haha*


Mrs T I loved that part as well - while the movie touted the "BIG Love", the true love that endures, it seems, its that special love girlfriends have for each other... But it wasn't without its flaws...

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