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April 04, 2008


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I hope some of Brian Gorrel's money was spent on authentic designer brands and not knock-offs.


If you believe what you read, apparently the GG had a penchant for fakes!


I hope the coke they use is real and not just speed cut with mannitol. There is more of that in town than those fake LV and D&G bags sold in tiangges


Hey! Interesting story! Please send me a copy of that article! Thanks :)

By the way, I was also stunned when I did a little sniffing here and there-- I tried to find out how many Hermes birkins are owned by peeps in Manila and I was just floored!!

Some third world country we are :) But boy, does money flooooow here!


Ooh! May I have a copy of that article as well?! Thanks! =)


is it possible to ask for a copy of the WWD report?
thanks much!



May I have a copy of the WWD report?

Thanks so much.



Can I ask for a copy of the two articles you wrote about the retail scene in the Philippines?

I love your blog. It's such a good read.


hi can I have a copy of that article? thanks

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