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April 28, 2008


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The drugs are nothing, the closet gay couples sort of confirmed suspicions but the swindle that's what got me because It gave a bad name to drugs and sex


Manuel, sex + drugs + swindle = very bad B movie


Just found out Aurora Montano started her own blog.

This is her first post. No kidding!

"Sunday, April 13, 2008
Magbabayad kayo!
Ako po si Aurora Montano, ina ni DJ Montano. Hindi masamang tao ang aking anak. Mabati po siya'ng bata. Kaya kayong mga naninira sa aking anak, magbabayad kayo. Humanda kayo, bilang na ang mga araw nyo!"


Hi Bambina,
Fyi, That is not Aurora Montano's blog.
2nd, Delfin Montano does not owe Brian Gorrell
3rd Mr gorrell is a liar, came from toronto jail 2002.
4th Mr. Gorrell is heartbroken thats why he is doing the scandal
very reliable source.
thank you dear
Love your blog

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