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March 12, 2008


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Ha! you too! hehehe. I love it!


by the way, your link to the gonzalez blog is messed up


haha, manuel, it was addictive! fixed the links already by the way, thanks for that!

why is it though that when (some? most?) pinoys attack, they go for physical attributes, or the abundance thereof, and not the issues? with regard to comments about one of the "GG" members, it was m*lu f*rn*nd*z all over again...

oh, and apparently there was a F*ck Brian party tonight at embassy!


A FUCK BRIAN PARTY AT THE EMBASSY? But I thought it was Brian who got royally screwed.

Anyway, this could be the good part: they all show up at the embassy and nothing is on the house so t*m y*p makes little money out of the hole thing. sorry, couldn't resist the pun. Only rum and coke at the party and keep the other one dry!

But the physical attributes thing...really funnier than getting into the issues when you think about it...specially if one is good at it ...but if one sucks at it then it really sucks.... (no pun intended this time)...

And isn't it so typical of Pinoys to threaten people with "my family is powerful so watch out!"

I love this country!!!!It's so baduy!


hey, you seem to be on a roll tonight... any chemical assistance hahahaha. kidding!

i've also heard the statement "but what are we in power for" more times than i care to remember... from shrimps who were ten years younger than me!


chica! how do you find out about these things while you are out there in SA? let me know about the next one....:-)


hehehe... my journalistic sources are very au courant!



Apparently, the fat lady hasn't even begun to clear her throat. The DJ Montano blog has been resurrected. The newest post is Brian making fun of a letter he purportedly received from Celine Lopez's lawyer.

And in a stunt worthy of Lazarus, Brian even resurrected all posts of ALL the characters in the tawdry saga.

Z :-)


zippo, it's not as much fun without the comments!


The fat lady has laryngitis.

The comments section is up again.

Z :-)

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