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February 20, 2008


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Amazing! Where is all that money coming from? It's the same thing I asked this banker from Singapore. Many of the multinational banks based there have Filipino acct. execs whose main job is to tap the Filipino market. They are even pirating acct.exec/marketers from each other. I didn't know there was so much liquidity in this country.

Toto Gonzalez

That's great, Bambina!!! I want to read it NOW!!! :D

claudia shaw

as soon as you get back I'll b there!!!


Wow, exciting times for the Philippine retail scene! I am not surprised, I have a fashion blog and even I get inquiries from foreign labels asking about the Philippine market. I enjoyed your articles! Thanks for posting about it!


Thanks, CD, for dropping by the blog. I like your Suzie Bubble photos too!


Btw, I super loved your articles and made a post about it in my blog. With proper links of course. I hope you don't mind! I just had to share it! =)


CD, thanks so much for the post on your blog and the links. The feedback from the two articles has been tremendous. Definitely a career high for me in all the years I've been writing for WWD!

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