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January 29, 2008


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hey darling seems i missed your call - sorry knee deep in work and kids... no Felipe today for me.

Gosh Eat Pray Love - i saw her on Oprah which frankly made me sad, Oprah seems to make good things turn slightly sour by raging popularity but anyway she had her new man there and he was kind of old and i mean in an old man kind of creepy way and it made me wonder. I think we've all met a version of Felipe the problem is after a few months or a year even Felipe can be irritating. I've always rather silently held the believe that even true loves have a expiry date. I always figured real life makes everyone slightly off putting given the fact that you must exist to live. Rambling....anyway. As for being loved - i love you and since you love yourself - you'll always be loved. Ah you seem even i have a soft side.


All cynics - including you, my favorite cynic - have a secret soft side...

As for Felipe - all the more reason why certain things should never be paraded on Oprah. One woman's Felipe may be another woman's DOM. Or J. Howard Marshall. Just ask Anna Nicole Smith!


This is actually a book that I am ashamed to admit that I loved. And like you, I've been endorsing it to every female friend I know.

Love your wit and your blog, by the way. :)

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